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Think Green, Think Terra


Terra Polyester S.A. de C.V. is located in a Duty Free Zone in Honduras, Central America. The largest recycling processing zone in the western Hemisphere, exporting and reutilizing a variety of waste products.

Terra Polyester Founded in 2009, has a capacity of 20,000 Metric Tons per year. Terra is part of a Textile Group conformed by Hilos Y Mechas S.A de C.V. and Fibras y Textiles S.A de C.V.
HIMESA or Hilos Y Mechas was founded in 1954 and consumes 40% of Terra's production. Quality of Polyester Staple Fiber is no issue for us, since we do our own testing in HIMESA.

In 2012, there existed a need to expand our washing line. With the latest technology this allowed us to produce A-Quality PET Flakes , which is already being sold worldwide to bottle makers, factories of pet sheet, fiber factories and polyester filaments among other applications.

In 2015, looking for ways to recycle and use our bi-products, TERRA invested in Plastic Injectors, and a State of The Art Broom Manufacturing Line (Vertically Integrated from production of filament to tufting & flagging of the final product)

It's the latest trend worldwide, companies are requiring that products are made with green friendly products, and at Terra Polyester S.A. de C.V. we are proud of our products - we are proud of doing something good for not only our customers but for the environment, for the world we live in.

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Our Mission is to meet and exceed our customers' expectations with the highest quality product and fastest service in the industry, and to continue development and growth of our company investing in new machine technologies and research and development of new technologies that will meet our customers' needs well into the future.


Terra Polyester makes its premium polyester fiber from post consumer PET packaging, with superior quality and designed to strengthen your business, support your products, and build your presence in the marketplace.


Terra Polyester is a leading recycler in the Pet Flakes market.
With a hot washing capacity plant of 22.000 Tonnes per year.


In addition, our company sells or recycles our own byproducts like soda bottle tops which are melted into brooms & plastic connectors for mops, etc.

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Terra Polyester S.A. de C.V. is always looking for vendors of raw materials like PET bottles, Dirty Flakes, Clean Clear Flakes for usage in our production facilities.

Other material providers to the industry are also welcome, like strapping, lubricants, dye manufacturers as well as machinery manufacturers.

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Giving Back - a promise from Terra Polyester


Plastic PET bottles are an environmental problem in many countries. In third world countries, due to the heat, the consumption of soft drinks is very high, therefore PET consumption is high. The amount of collecting versus what goes to the dumps is high.

Terra Polyester S.A. de C.V. has formed business alliances in Latin America, as well as motivating micro companies creating suppliers and collection centers through the Central American Region, where we have been able to achieve a 74% collection rate, this is the highest worldwide achievement in PET recycling worldwide, this is the percentage of product kept for recycling instead of ending up polluting our earth in landfills, etc.


Thousands of families make a living from collecting PET bottles from dumps, offices, schools, homes etc.

Our company has formed a large network of strategic partners converting them into micro businesses , assisting them with equipment.

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Terra's modern facilities is located in its own 12 acre industrial free trade zone. Occupying over 450,000 sq.ft of buildings.

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Vertically Integrated

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